Certified Lean Expert & Lean Trainer Programs

Lean Expert! Improvement experts – your organization’s future internal Lean consultants

Well-trained Lean Experts are the prerequisite for successfully exploiting your organization’s optimization potential. The better these multipliers are qualified, the more valuable they will be to your organization.

Our Lean Expert Training contributes to increase the value of these multipliers. It is the transfer of profound lean know-how combined with practicing moderation and presentation techniques within complex workshop situations which enables the participants to drive the improvement process on site.

A two-stage training concept

 The Lean Expert Training is composed of two stages. Stage 1 focuses on transferring lean basics. Participants will not only work on their communication and moderation competencies, they will also improve their ability to successfully plan and conduct workshop sessions. During Stage 2 participants will then learn about the most important lean methodologies and tools with regard to their field of responsibility (select one or more topics). 

Due to its practical orientation, the training aims at ensuring both, “knowing how to” and “being able to”.

Target Group

Lean managers in direct or indirect areas

Lean Expert Focus


Training Fee

RMB 15,888

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Lean Trainer - Enhance your social, leadership and teaching skills!

Your objective is to set up a CIP in the most professional way? You intend to establish an internal organization dedicated to the CIP? This training consecutively builds on the contents of the Lean Expert Bootcamp and the Lean Expert Focus and will support you in achieving your CIP vision.

One of the key responsibilities of a CIP manager is the continuous empowerment of trainers based on the ‘train-the-trainer’ concept. With excellent cross-functional know-how, the CIP manager is considered a sparring partner to management and employees and is responsible for the development of the company in compliance with the Lean idea. These tasks require a profound understanding of Lean Management

and best practices across all business functions. It involves the willingness to take over leadership and requires high proficiency levels regarding methodological and social competencies.

Simulation games and workshop sessions will help you to develop your competencies to transfer Lean methodologies and tools. 

You will build up a strategic Lean network and profit from exchanging with experts of various industries even after the Training is completed.

Target Group:

Lean managers in direct or indirect areas

Training Fee:

RMB 22,888


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