Learn from the best.

Learn when and what you want to.


As part of our blended-learning approach, we offer you a variety of webinars and web-based trainings on different topics to complement our open seminars and in-house training. Our selection of e-learning tools can be used to prepare, follow up and accompany our seminars.

In our webinars, you will experience the speakers’ presentations along with other participants at a scheduled time, live on screen. You can ask questions, just as you can in an on-site seminar. What’s more, many of our webinars are free of charge for you. This allows you to get a specialist overview of a topic even before you take part in a seminar or start a

consultation project. Give it a try — it’s easy to use, and the added value for you is huge!

With our web-based trainings, you can pursue continuing education online without any time pressure — whenever, wherever, and as often as you want! In compact learning modules, you can acquire knowledge about Lean, refresh what you know or expand your expertise. Modules with content you already know can be skipped, and you can repeat more intensive modules as often as you like. Exercises and tests with a practical focus will help you review and further solidify the knowledge you have attained.

Key benefits of webinars

  • Direct communication with our trainers

  • Languages: Chinese and English

  • Free of charge

  • Presentation live on screen

  • Wherever you want to learn