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E-Learning – Competence and Learning Success with a Click

Thanks to our webinars, competence and learning success are now only a click away. You can learn conveniently at your computer - entirely without any travel expenses but now even more flexible than before and in a relaxed learning atmosphere. In our webinars you meet lecturers and other participants at a certain time in a virtual seminar room on the Internet. You experience the presentation of the lecturers - in audio and video form - live on the screen. Of course, also with the webinars, great emphasis is placed on interaction as well as on exchange with the lecturers and other participants: In this regard, the lecturers can be asked questions, as in an attendance seminar.

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Current Webinars

Staufen WebinarIntroducing MES - Opportunity and Challenge

Date: 26th April
Time: 5 pm - 6 pm

In a world of rapid development, the only constant thing is change. The manufacturing industry is no exception, product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter, research and development needs to produce results faster and faster. There is a trend towards personalized small batch production. MES systems are needed to be able to provide the level of flexibility and control that is needed to satisfy the above-mentioned trends and challenges.

Ten years ago, there was a popular saying in the ERP industry: "Not introducing ERP can lead to death, but introducing ERP means to look for death". The meaning is that introducing ERP is a necessity which is a very difficult task. Today there is a trend towards Smart Manufacturing, and the question is: Do we really need MES? Is it different from ERP? Do we face the same or even more difficult problems and challenges introducing an MES system?

In this webinar we will talk about why MES is an integral part of a Smart Factory and which functions it can fulfill. Furthermore, we will hint at possible challenges and present a general introduction roadmap.

For registration email: academy@staufen.cn 


Staufen Webinar - Operational Excellence

Date: 17th May 
Time: 5 pm - 6 pm (China time); 11:00 am - 12: pm (Europe time)


In questo webinar Giancarlo Oriani, Amministratore Unico STAUFEN.ITALIA e Luca Buia, Senior Industrial Advisor, presenteranno quelli che sono i fattori chiave per raggiungere l’Operational Excellence in Cina. Durante il seminario web sarà presentata l’esperienza diretta di una grande azienda Italiana: Carel China.

For registration email: academy@staufen.cn