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Executive Leadership Program


The accelerated speed of today’s transitions and dynamic market developments are trends that require top-tier managers to acquire new skills. In addition to general management and strategic finesse, the focus is shifting towards establishing competence in the areas of leadership, change management and continuous improvement of organizational structures and employees.

How do top managers now show discerning judgement in these fields, and how do they integrate their existing strengths into new challenges?

The St. Galler Business School is a name that stands for strategic-management and general-management qualifications for the top-ranking executives.

Prof. Daniel T. Jones is one of the key figures of the Lean management philosophy in the western hemisphere.

Staufen is an international Lean management / leadership consulting company and offers effective training programs and seminars for managers at the Staufen Academy.

3 stage training program

“Strategic management in practice"


“High-performance organizations and world-class companies"

In keeping with the motto “Strategy first,” you will attend one of these courses at our partner institute, the St. Galler Business School in Switzerland. You can select the topic which appeals to you more.

"Lean management & leadership for managers"

You can select the topic which appeals to you more. In this second module, you will meet at the palace in Köngen to discuss the topics of Lean management and effective leadership as well as the role of top-tier management in Lean transformation.

"Lean strategy"

Module 3 will take place in Köngen or Cologne. Prof. Daniel T. Jones, the internationally esteemed authority in the field of Lean philosophy, merges the topics of Lean and strategy, sharing useful hands-on tips about how you can strategically anchor and live Lean and CIP at your company.

Why this training?

Lean management and continuous improvement of companies and employees are topics that executive managers have to address as well. And there are many reasons why these topics matter:

  • Companies that consistently pursue lean management are significantly more adaptable. Adaptability is the key competitive advantage in this era of short-term transitions and an extremely dynamic market environment.
  • Lean is a philosophy that has a positive impact on corporate culture.
  • This approach creates employee loyalty and provides qualifications, which in turn helps companies win the war for talents and offset the lack of skilled labor.
  • A clear top-down strategy has to be in place. There are no prospects of sustainable success if companies try to launch Lean without integrating top management.
  • Lean management boosts productivity and slashes costs.

This training program is designed for CEOs, members of the executive board and C-level management.

The 9-day program including a certificate costs €7,590.