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Develop future lean experts and trainers.

We offer a three-phase training program.

How well are you prepared for your Lean future? You have recognized that well-trained Lean Experts and Lean Trainers are the prerequisite for the sustainable exploitation of your improvement potential. The better your multipliers are qualified, the more effective they will be for your organization,

Our training program plays a part in improving this effectiveness. The expertise imparted by us and the option of ongoing training of moderation and presentation in complex workshop situations enable participants to advance the improvement process on-site under their own direction.

We offer a three-phase training program for the lean experts and lean trainers of tomorrow.

3-stage training and certification for
Lean Experts and Lean Trainers

The focus is on teaching the central principles of Lean In addition, participants actively work on improving their communication and moderation competences and the ability to plan and conduct workshops successfully.

Participants learn and deepen their knowledge of the most important Lean methods and tools applicable to themselves and their specific area of work. Because of the strong practical focus, not only the acquisition of theoretical knowledge is ensured, but also the ability of its application. (You must have completed Phase 1!)

The written exams take place immediately following the respective courses of steps 2 and 3.


  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Lean Assembly

  • Lean Logistics

  • Lean Administration




At the latest after completion of Step 2, Lean Experts should implement what they learned and practised within inhouse workshops and projects. This practical application is fundamental for the transformation of your company, but not an official part of the training Program. If required, experienced Staufen experts are happy to support you during the design and conduct of workshops, particularly in the role of coach and “co-trainer” for your experts.


Focus is on increasing participants’ teaching and organisational competencies. “How do I teach others to do something” rather than “How do I use it myself” is the motto of this final training phase aimed at future Lean trainers (train-the-trainer concept).

The written exams take place immediately following the respective courses of steps 2 and 3.

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A prospective Lean Expert, who is to plan and to implement the CIP, should also
be able to efficiently lead teams. Conflicts, demotivation and overall intricacies
throughout the Lean Transformation process are common challenges to be...

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