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Toyota Kata

Developing people’ skills while doing continuous improvement

Taget group: All management levels from direct and indirect areas, CIP trainers

Dates for this topic

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01.11.2017 Shanghai English CNY 2.500.–

Why this training?

    Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata are a systematic approach primarily intended to develop people’s capability for improvement and leadership by the means of consistent daily practice. Kata means way of doing, pattern or  routine that over repeated practice becomes a second nature. Coaching Kata is the way to develop the leaders as internal coaches to teach the improvement kata every day, so that the expansion of kata “method” can be generated and a new culture reached in the whole company. The daily practice of improvement kata and coaching kata is done to develop people’s skills so that they solidly achieve improvements in the processes, either at the shop floor (production), indirect areas or services.

Benefit for your daily business:

  • Develop employees skills for improvement at different organization levels
  • Integrate Toyota Kata approach into daily routine of Shopfloor management
  • Get people to foster their ingenuity by fast and practical daily PDCA cycles
  • Effectively learn a routine for daily coaching – 5 Questions Coaching Kata
  • Connect daily improvements with business objectives through strive of challenging target conditions
  • Systematic approach and method for sustaining lean improvements and achieving higher levels of performance


Start at 9.00 am – End at 5.00 pm (1 day)

    >Introduction to Toyota Kata
    >How to develop learning skills through routine practice
    >Toyota Kata routines: Vision, Current Condition, Target Condition, PDCA , Coaching
    >Experiential simulation game to practice:

      - Rapid PDCA cycles
      - Coaching cycles

    >How to deploy Toyota Kata in your organization