A3-Problem Solving

Lean Transformation

A3-Problem Solving

How to solve problems in a structured and sustainable way

(Practical) Problem solving (PPS) is the ”power“ behind continuous improvement, which is the backbone of Lean. There is a lot of discussion about how to introduce Lean and especially a CI (continuous improvement) Culture. It contains mainly identifying and solving business’s problems (and searching its improvement opportunities) at a higher level and to a deeper degree (search for root causes). Another aspect is: most companies believe they are capable of problem solving, but actually often inaccurate. Many just do action lists and firefighting and are lacking of a systematical and sustainable approach. Therefore, a real wide based ability in Practical Problem solving is the unique and most effective tool in order to become a learning organization.

    Contents and topics

    • Introduction of the importance of problem solving
    • Problem solving tools and their application
    • Closed loop problem solving methods
    • Problem solving exercises – learning by doing
    Staufen China
    All management levels from direct and indirect areas, CIP trainers