Shop Floor Management

Lean Leader Program

Shop Floor Management

"Go & See" instead of "Meet & Mail"

What makes the difference between a world-class production and a thoroughly world-class company? Optimization of process and machines is a lot but not everything. Only companies which are also able to change the management and leadership behavior are finally in the position to make this last, but most important step towards operational excellence. Shop Floor Management brings leadership to the place where it is needed most – the Gemba. Managing cross-functional teams in order to detect deviations and solve problems are in focus. In addition, employees and managers can improve their problem solving and social skills in daily-business routine by using Shop Floor

  • 1 Day
  • Shanghai
  • 2500 CNY
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Contents and topics

  • How do “Lean”-managers lead?
  • What are the tools and methods of Shop Floor Management?
  • Practical example for the successful implementation of Shop Floor Management
  • LIVE - experience Shop Floor Management – Simulation of Shop Floor Management deployment in daily management routine
  • What are the success factors for the installation of Shop Floor Management systems?
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All management levels from Supervisor to Plant Managers, CIP Trainers.