Smart Factory - the fundamentals

Smart Transformation

Smart Factory - The Fundamentals

Reach the next level of digitalization by connecting your processes

Rising labor costs, volatile markets, high quality requirements, and an increasing diversity of customer needs require ever-shorter lead times and a new level of production flexibility. These challenges are ever harder to tackle with traditional production methods. The solution is the Smart Factory, which combines Lean production principles, digitalization, Industry 4.0 elements, and the concept of modularity. This introductory seminar will provide participants with a clear understanding of the building blocks of a Smart Factory. Practical examples will give participants ideas about how to transform their own production and build a Smart Factory with a high level of connectivity, collaboration, real-time information flow, as well as other new manufacturing technologies. This seminar is recommended for professionals with limited prior knowledge of the topic and will increase the benefit of attending STAUFEN’s advanced trainings in the area of Smart Transformation.

    Contents and topics

    • What is Industry 4.0?
    • The role of Lean Production in a Smart Factory
    • Work streams which are necessary to build a Smart Factory
    • Characteristics of a Smart Factory and how they can be measured with KPIs
    • New manufacturing technologies and the role of automation and assistance systems
    Staufen China
    CEOs, COOs, CIOs, GMs, Plant Managers, Production Managers