Expertise & Mission

About us

Inside every company is an even better one.

Improvement never ends.

And this is true not only at companies struggling with problems — it is just as true at organizations that are already in excellent shape.   After all, even market leaders still have potential for further optimization. Those who want to stay successful have to change. Not just once a year: every day. Not just in one area: everywhere. Markets are in constant motion. 

And competitive pressure is massive. Staufen is an international Lean Management consulting company with a focus on optimizing processes and management in keeping with Lean principles. We help you implement the proper changes quickly and anchor a sustainable culture of change at your company.


    We are fast and action-oriented.


    We generate quantifiable and visible successes.


    We offer consulting as respectful partners.


    We enable management and employees.



Our strength is actively supporting you on site. We believe that people learn by experiencing something themselves, not by spending hours listening to presentations. Our pragmatic approach will help you get the results you are seeking. Our consultants don’t sit back and watch, they roll up their sleeves and work with you on the way to top-performance.

Our approach is not everywhere a little, instead we prefer to start with lighthouse projects, allowing your employees to see for themselves that these changes work. This will keep them motivated and help defeat that “resistance to change” most companies struggle with. 


To achieve long-term results and have a sustainable transformation a pragmatic approach is key. We empower you with the knowledge and tools you need. We will show you the path, but you will be the one leading the way. 

Changes don’t happen over just theory, they are made daily. Our hands-on, practical training will qualify you and your employees by experiencing personally. We will train your people on how to make your company Lean, more efficient and with optimized processes.

The productivity of your organization and your operating results will clearly show a positive development. In other words, inside your company, there's a better company waiting.

And that not only makes you happy: it makes us happy too. We are pleased to make others more successful. Excellent results motivate us to do our best every day. Nothing makes us as satisfied as the success of our clients. We are certain that taking the right approach makes anything possible.