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How to take off without leaving the ground – Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services commits to Shop Floor Management

“Shop Floor Management is the core of Lean Management, because it’s about on-site leadership and thus about steering the company.”

- Dr. Yong Lee, Head of Lean and Process Management, LTLS



Improving control of volatile business

As a leading provider of logistics solutions for the aviation industry, Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services (LTLS), faced a challenge in 2012: How to significantly boost both productivity and quality? Spare parts logistics – a volatile business – made delivery forecasts difficult. Personnel planning also needed to be highly flexible. And management met daily in meeting rooms to make decisions which employees did not always understand. LTLS wanted to improve this status quo.

Out of the office, into Operations 

The focus was on improving leadership performance. At the same time, processes needed to be made more transparent for all staff involved, and responsiveness increased to better address the volatile demand. First, a pilot project was launched in Hamburg. In line with the Shop Floor Management approach, those responsible for logistics were brought to the shop floor: out of the office – and into Operations. With new leadership instruments and modified leadership behavior, they were able to solve problems better, and more quickly. 

A competitive edge for the future

Shop Floor Management has brought numerous improvements to LTLS, thus strengthening the company’s competitiveness. “Because transparency improved significantly, we were able to improve efficiency and leadership quality long-term,”emphasizes Dr. Joachim Matthies, Chief Operating Officer (COO), LTLS. And Matthies continues: “We will keep developing SFM consistently at all German operations – and implement it at our international locations in the USA and China.”

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