Smart Transformation


Improving flexibility and performance through digitalization and interconnection.

Within a few years’ time ‘Made in China’ is supposed to be associated with high quality and innovation. The Chinese industry is to achieve complete modernization. To reach this goal, intellig

Smart Transformation refers to the holistic change towards Digitalization – the connection of the real and the virtual world through real-time availability of profound data about physical objects and processes. The overall objective is to increase flexibility, speed and quality through the autonomous and direct communication between machines, products and human beings. Smart Transformation, first and foremost, requires stability through standardized processes and
structures. Value creation and a modern leadership system based on Lean management principles are essential prerequisites to approach Smart Transformation. The implementation of state-ofthe-art technology is, without doubt, an integral part of the Transformation but it is by no means a stand-alone instrument. Instead, these modern technologies are to support strategies, processes and

humans in a meaningful way. In other words, without Lean processes, even if the relevant technology has already been implemented, operations might still be lengthy and full of waste. Consequently, a successful Transformation into a Smart Factory requires a sound Lean basis. This does not mean, however, that a company needs to be completely Lean in both direct and indirect areas before the first elements of Industry 4.0 can be implemented. Lean Transformation is a never ending continuous improvement process anyway. Where to draw the line and how to decide which work packages need to be done in which order is a question to which there is no standard answer and no blueprint that can
easily be followed. Instead, it is necessary to develop a roadmap based on the current situation and on the target situation of each single company.

As a subsidiary of Staufen, the company Staufen Digital Neonex offers you a pragmatic and methodical point of entry to this issue. We work with you to generate hands-on digital strategies for your company.

What we offer

  1. Digital strategyJointly developing pragmatically-oriented digital strategies for efficiently designing your company's digital future.
  2. Data scienceWorking together to create a future-forward data strategy. We provide all of the methods and tools you need to gather data, analyze it, identify patterns and leverage potential.
  3. Smart factoryIncreasing flexibility and efficiency in production. Identifying relevant use cases with confidence and quickly applying them to successful pilot projects for a rapid return on investment and acceptance within the in-house team.
  4. Digital portfolioJointly developing a digital expansion of your product portfolio. Identifying opportunities on new and existing markets and creating sustainable USPs to your competitors.

What you get

  • Why the Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories matter – identifying and implementing the framework and impact you need to take part
  • Creating the prerequisites for an expedient and sustainable digital transformation
  • Fully understanding what digitization means for added value at your business
  • Combining one-piece flow and intelligent automation 
  • Guiding principles for intelligent factories in a variety of industries
  • Testing, operational use and optimizing ergonomic concepts for assembly and logistics Manufacturing based on Lean and Smart Factory approaches
  • Getting to know pioneering approaches to products and production in your environment
  • Interlinking business processes and resources to generate flexible and efficient production while maintaining the same high quality and lowering costs
  • More sales due to intelligent products along with the services to match
  • Taking a fundamental approach to understanding problems — from developing solutions all the way to the prototype phase and testing
  • Conducting a complete design-thinking cycle within the team
  • The fundamentals of working together based on agile principles
  • Optimizing the customer journey by creating new customer interfaces



  • BEING AWARE OF THE STATUS QUO, i.e. knowing where the company is standing and which level has been achieved in areas such as Lean processes and automation.DETERMINING YOUR GOALS by clearly defining a vision, deriving a strategy and drafting a detailed roadmap.

  • DETERMINING YOUR GOALS by clearly defining a vision, deriving a strategy and drafting a detailed roadmap.

  • INVOLVING AND DEVELOPING YOUR EMPLOYEES throughout the Transformation as the requirements to the workforce considerably increase with the rise in the level of Digitalization.

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