Smart Transformation

Get ready now to embark on the road towards China 2025.

Quality, efficiency, innovation – these are probably the most suitable terms to describe in as few words as possible what ‘Made in China 2025’ is all about. No matter whether your aim is to share and achieve China’s outstanding goal or whether your motivation for change is triggered from within, Lean Transformation is the initial key to success.


What is Lean Transformation?

Lean Transformation is a certain form of change. It involves the transfer or realignment of a company or any part thereof, from an old to a new state. Lean Transformation focusses on strategies, objectives, structures and features of Lean companies and systematically applies Lean management methodologies and tools.

However, Lean Transformation is by far more than a mere ‘tool box’ from which you can make an ad-hoc selection in order to optimize standalone sub-processes without bearing in mind the big picture. Instead, it is a holistic philosophy, a business culture and management approach which turns companies and entire value networks into more efficient and less waste-affected entities and leads them towards Top Performance.

On their way to Top Performance, companies go through several stages: the pre-change stage, the change itself and the continuous improvement stage. The pre-change stage is characterized by the existence of traditional, functional processes with a high degree of optimization potential. The actual transformation begins with the change. This stage brings about profound modifications of processes and procedures, which might result in new challenges for the company: even if the overall objective is to achieve substantial structural improvements in the long run, the beginning of the transformation might evoke a feeling of destabilization within the company. Once the change has successfully been accomplished, the company enters the stage of continuous improvement, which is marked by continuously – or indefinitely – taking optimization and stabilization measures.


Lean transformation and the Lean idea as such should thus not be considered as ‘initiatives’ or ‘programs’ – both of which imply a definite end date – but rather as the continuous pursuit of improvement. It is this motivation, shared by management and all employees, which distinguishes successful from less successful companies.


The four success factors of Lean Transformation

There are four core elements which sculpt the success factors for the sustainability of the transformation process to Top Performance. These are crucial to get the most out of your company’s change and continuous improvement stages.

1.       Creating awareness of the actual situation and the urgency to act

2.       Developing leadership skills to provide executives with necessary management tools so they are well-prepared to fulfill their role as enabler and driving force behind the CIP

3.       Developing Lean competence by forming a strong and experienced team of employees, executives and Lean Experts/Trainers to exchange knowledge and by raising further awareness in the context of Best Practice visits

4.       Building-up excellence in the value stream by actively involving employees in the roll out of selected pilot projects, thereby developing profound knowledge and persuasion to continue the roll out to the entire company


Supporting your company’s holistic and sustainable Lean Transformation – The Staufen approach.

Just like our customers, we ourselves are continuously striving for improvement. Throughout the years and with substantial project experience, we have constantly optimized our consulting approach to become what it is today – an intensive, dynamic and pragmatic cooperation between your company and our lean experts.

Our Lean Transformation approach ensures that you reach your goals as soon as possible and in the most efficient way. Do as numerous companies have already done before and let us guide you through your company’s Transformation.

We systematically align all elements and constituents of a successful Lean Transformation. From raising awareness, via lean leadership and competence development, towards reaching process excellence – our consultants support you with expert trainings, workshops, analyses, concept roll-out, and much more.


The set-up of your company’s Lean Transformation Roadmap will be based on a holistic and profound analysis, considering your current performance level, your current organization, as well as your defined goals.