Leadership Excellence

The Hancho

Safeguarding stable processes, increased productivity and continuous improvement

Target Group: For Business Leaders, Factory Manage, Production Managers, Personnel Managers, Works Councils and CIP-Office Leaders

Dates for this topic

Date Place Language Trainer Net price Registration
17.11.2017 Shanghai English Sandy Shen CNY 2.500.–

Why this training

Successful value creation processes require an immediate identification of problems, short reaction times and the continuous implementation of solutions. This philosophy is to be deeply embedded into day-to-day operations and can be achieved by establishing an additional function within your organization. The so-called Hancho, who acts between employees and the supervisor, is responsible for permanently monitoring processes and thus for constantly driving the CIP on the shop floor. A profound development of the Hancho’s hard and soft skills is the prerequisite for him to become an expert in problem-solving and an excellent leader. This training will point out the advantages of introducing the Hancho into your organization. During the training, you will realize that the benefits of the Hancho will by far outweigh the extra costs of having an additional function on the shop floor. Besides learning about the “why” you will also focus on how to implement the Hancho concept.

Benefits for your daily business:

  • Constant monitoring of your processes
  • Immediate trouble shooting to ensure process stability 
  • Increased productivity
  • Continuous improvement philosophy during day-to-day operations
  • Reduction of waste through on-site awareness


Start at 9.00 am - end at 5.00 pm 
  • Introducing the Hancho into your organization
  • Responsibilities and roles of the Hancho within the Lean organization
  • Continuous shop floor management
  • Ensuring standardization through consistent process compliance
  • Qualification program to develop problem-solving competencies
  • Leading and empowering employees