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Lean Bootcamp

Communication Skills and Lean Know-how

A prospective Lean Expert, who is to plan and to implement the CIP, should also be able to efficiently lead teams. Conflicts, demotivation and overall intricacies throughout the Lean Transformation process are common challenges to be solved by the Lean Expert. In fact, dealing with different opinions and overcoming obstacles during the CIP are some of the most important responsibilities of a Lean Expert and are not to be neglected. The Lean Bootcamp covers essential basics on Lean process design as well as the CIP concept. In addition to this, problem-solving skills as well as moderation and presentation techniques will be enhanced.

    Contents and topics

    Training Content

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    • Fundamentals of Lean processes, principles, communicative and presentation skills
    • Moderation and organization of CIP processes
    • Project work, project planning tools, personal action plan
    • Final discussion and feedback
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