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Lean pays off, or:
What banks can learn from factories.

Kreissparkasse Goeppingen takes a new approach

Firmly rooted in its city and region, the Kreissparkasse (district savings bank) in Goeppingen takes a local approach. For over 40 years, Sparkasse Tower has been an unofficial emblem of this city of roughly 60,000 inhabitants. Throughout the district, Kreissparkasse Goeppingen employs 1,100 people in over 50 branch offices.

Balance sheet and employees suffer under market pressure

Like the whole industry, Kreissparkasse Goeppingen was under considerable pressure in 2015. The prolonged period of low interest rates had a negative effect on revenues. Regulations (increasing in response to the most recent financial crisis) as well as a high level of product and system complexity, tied up more resources every year. In the best interests of employees and competitiveness, one thing was clear: The bank’s efficiency had to improve. 

Industrial clients as inspiration 

To achieve their efficiency objectives, the Goeppingen bank took an unconventional approach. Unconventional, at least, for a financial institution. Lean Management is a proven methodology for streamlined, efficient work. It’s a widely-used standard in manufacturing – but totally new territory for a savings bank. The idea was born when corporate clients reported huge successes with the Lean Management method. So, in 2015, Chairman of the Management Board, Dr. Hariolf Teufel brought Staufen AG on board.

Dr. Hariolf Teufel, Chairman of the Management Board, Kreissparkasse Goeppingen

The efficiency programs we previously implemented often proved to be a ‘flash in the pan’ – they had no sustainable effect. With Lean Management, it’s different.
We now have more time to explore how we can increase the customer benefit. Previously, we had no scope for this.

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