Culture and Values

Working at Staufen

Respect brings people together.

Every day and in every project.

Chatting with the CEO at the water cooler, jogging with colleagues, being on a first-name basis with everyone: at Staufen, we treat each other like family. The Staufen family involves respect, generosity and strong ties.

After all, we do spend a lot of time together. And it is supposed to be quality time, spent in an atmosphere where everyone can ask anything any time and always receive constructive feedback. Where experienced seniority and fresh perspectives are in equal demand.

The thing that brings us together is our common passion for doing a really good job, finding excellent solutions to our clients’ challenges and helping them achieve top performance.

To do all this, it is important that our interactions with our clients and partners are just as collaborative and natural as the ones with our colleagues. That makes a difference. Experience it for yourself: send us your application.


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