We define your future sources of revenue.

Companies have to take a deliberate approach.

Product life cycles, production times and delivery periods are continuing to grow shorter. In this kind of dynamic environment, companies have to take a deliberate approach as they anticipate and design their future. And we support you in this innovative process so you can focus your ideas and new developments and propel them forward smoothly.

Lean Innovation is our efficient and structured system for generating new products and services which stand out from the competition. It allows your company to orient itself towards future-forward business potential early on, focusing its scarce resources on financially successful developments in due time.

We join forces with you to conceptualize and implement your innovation management. The goal is to bring financially successful innovations to market within a short period — lean, agile and market-oriented.

What we offer

This lean, agile and market-oriented consulting tool allows you to successfully control your innovation management successfully right away. In keeping with open innovation methods, you use external knowledge to make sustainable increases to the quality and speed of your innovation processes.

Our Trend Radar visualizes and transparently depicts new product and technology fields as well as process and corporate developments – the essential foundation for your innovations.

Qualitative and quantitative analyses of market and technology trends indicate relevance and market potential. They describe the right strategic direction and give you a valid basis for making decisions.

We use a wide range of creativity techniques to promote the process of strategically generating new ideas: this helps develop visions and solve problems. As part of your innovation project, we host, coordinate and conduct innovation workshops in the right kind of support environment.

We structure and coordinate interdisciplinary innovation activities in terms of content and schedule. This is the prerequisite for securely transferring them into advance-development projects and implementing them successfully.

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What you get

Trend-based orientation towards future market and client needs

With a structured and systematic approach, future market needs and technologies are identified early and made available.

Structured interdisciplinary frontloading in the concept phase

Consistent innovation controlling, profitability and feasibility are assessed even in early development phases.

Concentration on the value chain in processes and projects

  • Lean, agile and benefit-oriented innovation processes prevent waste
  • Shorter lead times, faster development and more profitable products
  • Significant increase of your innovation rate as well as your R&D efficiency

Transparent multi-project landscapes for innovations

  • Visualize and transparently design innovation processes and projects for managers and employees
  • Efficient top-down and bottom-up information in processes
  • Strategically identifying the need for action, defining measures and prioritizing
  • Continuous improvement of processes and increase in efficiency

Active innovation roadmaps for rapid project implementation

  • Validated prototypes guarantee a smooth transition into value stream-oriented series development

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