New whitepaper from Staufen Academy: Pushing performance boundaries with the right set of skills 

June 29, 2023 | Global news, News Germany

Businesses and athletes have a lot in common: both must constantly work on themselves to stay competitive. Taking a cue from the world of sports, the Staufen Academy has developed a development path that can be used to improve the performance of individual employees and managers, as well as the organization as a whole.

To achieve peak performance, companies face challenges similar to those faced by athletes: “In sports, an athlete’s competitiveness is based on strength and conditioning. The same applies to the business world: Companies that are fit for the future have a knowledge advantage, which they acquire by continuously qualifying their employees,” says Lea Buchmüller, Head of the Academy at Staufen AG. 

There are three challenges to training and qualification that are equally critical to success: 

  • GROW stands for continuous personal and professional development. 
  • PERFORM means the delivery of services, i.e., the achievement of goals. 
  • TRANSFORM describes the need for continuous adaptation to changes in the market and the world of work. 


To find out what the right set of competencies looks like in order to grow in different fields (GROW), achieve stable performance (PERFORM), and purposefully shape transformation (TRANSFORM), read the Staufen Academy’s new white paper, “Advancing excellence through training and development,” which you can request for free here. 

The special role of managers 

Due to rapid technological change, education, and training alone are no longer sufficient. On this basis, employees must learn to develop along individual development paths, to perform consistently, and to adapt to constant change. Company leaders have a special role to play. “A manager knows their employees best and can provide them with targeted support,” says Peter Ullrich, Senior Consultant and Master Trainer at Staufen AG. “Like a good coach, they can provide new impetus and push performance boundaries to get the best out of people. At the same time, managers must not lose sight of their own development path. “Every manager has to start with themselves and adjust their behavior, especially when it comes to their own communication and conflict management skills,” says Peter Ullrich. 

When companies succeed in establishing a culture of continuous learning as part of strategic human capital development, the entire organization benefits. This is because active knowledge management within the company’s own ranks helps strengthen the loyalty of skilled employees to the company. Peter Ullrich: “Qualification ensures attractive future prospects in the company and makes it clear to employees that they make an important contribution to the overall success. This is also a way for companies to address the shortage of skilled workers.” 

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June 13, 2023

White Paper Advancing excellence through training and development 2023

We are proud to present our white paper on training and development. In today’s competitive environment, continuous learning and training have become essential for personal and professional development. Our white paper examines the importance of developing skills and how training programs can help people reach their full potential while helping the company remain ready for the future.

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