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August 16, 2023 Global news, News Germany



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May 23, 2023 Global news, News Germany

Study: Only half of industrial companies are proceeding strategically with digitalization/previous digital business models at many companies are still a dead loss 

A dual-class digital society has established itself in industry: according to the current study “Future Industry 2023,” 49% of the companies surveyed are proceeding actively with digitalization. The rest are currently still stuck in individual projects or have yet to find true access to this topic. For the study, the consulting company Staufen surveyed more than 400 industrial companies from German-speaking Europe.

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Forbes Award 2022
September 13, 2022 Global news, News Germany


诗道芬公司获得了双重荣誉:美国商业杂志《福布斯》和德国领先的商业报纸《Handelsblatt》在最近公布的排名中,都将诗道芬这家管理咨询公司列为领先的咨询公司之一。诗道芬公司是顶级咨询公司之一,特别是在工业、汽车行业和家族经营的中型企业中——无论是在国内还是在国际上。  “在短短几周内获得两项著名的奖项仍然是一件特别的事情,即使在咨询行业干了这么多年,”诗道芬德国公司首席执行官Wilhelm Goschy说,他对当前的奖项感到高兴。这两个奖项也很好地反映了诗道芬300多名同事所代表的精神:卓越的行业知识,企业所有者、董事会成员和董事总经理的企业家思维,以及在欧洲、美洲和亚洲的强大国际影响力。 

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August 2, 2022 Global news, News USA

Being one step ahead of the next crisis: Setting up supply chains to be failsafe globally / Staufen is strengthening its foothold in the USA 

In the wake of the global crises, even serious voices are now questioning globalization. Yet fragile supply chains and unstable markets, in general, should not curtail global economic interdependencies. Quite the opposite: Companies seeking a multinational supply chain can successfully protect themselves against outside impacts. This is why the Staufen business consultancy focuses specifically on regionally anchored experts that maintain an international perspective.

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December 16, 2021 Global news, News Germany

Once again, Staufen AG is among Germany’s best management consultancies – Lean management experts are increasingly bringing their operational strength to bear on sustainability projects – Hidden Champions 2022

As in previous years, Staufen AG has been awarded the title of Best Lean Management Consultancy in the eighth installment of the prestigious “Hidden Champions” industry study. It also ranks among the top-ranking leaders in the areas of production, R&D, technology management, operational efficiency, shop floor management, global footprint, and Industry 4.0. For the study, the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (Scientific Society for Management and Consulting), headed by Prof. Dietmar Fink, surveyed more than 1,000 executives from major German companies.

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